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Improve the Potential of Every Pound

Introducing: The ConnectIN™ Wheat Insight System

WestBred® wheat is dedicated to helping growers get the most out of every acre. That’s why we’re proud to offer the ConnectIN™ System to our seed suppliers. This system allows seed suppliers to provide Optimal Seeding Rate recommendations, based on a grower’s specific seed and fields, that help growers maximize their yield and profit potential.

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What is an optimal seeding rate?

When growers plant by the pound, differences in seed size and density can lead to over- or underseeding, which is why agronomists no longer recommend this method. An Optimal Seeding Rate accounts for seed count per pound, planting date, geography, production practices and target seeds per acre — helping growers improve the performance of their seeds and maximize their seed investment.

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Information for seed suppliers

By combining technology and service, the ConnectIN™ Wheat Insight System delivers exceptional value. In addition to the operational benefits it provides, the system helps seed suppliers and growers alike stay at the forefront of the wheat industry.

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