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About the System

The ConnectIN™ Wheat Insight System helps seed suppliers give growers exceptional value beyond the seed. An easy-to-use app and an innovative seed counter work together to evaluate growers’ seed, deliver an Optimal Seeding Rate recommendation that maximizes their profit potential, and streamline the purchasing process.

Why Is This System Necessary and Valuable?

Watch this video to see why now is the right time to begin using the ConnectIN Wheat Insight System, and learn more about the benefits it offers.

Additional Benefits for Seed Suppliers

Less paperwork. More accuracy. And that’s just the beginning.

Smarter Business Planning

  • Follow seed from ordering to packaging
  • Review historical sales data to forecast future needs
  • Order seed inventory quickly and easily

Better Inventory Management

  • Record bookings and reserve inventory to avoid overselling
  • Know what inventory is in stock with real-time sales tracking
  • Process returns and sales adjustments that update inventory

Easier Reporting and Analytics

  • Capture transactions automatically at the point of sale, dramatically streamlining period-end reporting
  • Complete grower licenses at the point of sale with a new, automated process
  • Automate seed purity and germination labeling for each lot and summarize transactions for faster third-party reporting
  • View reports for current inventory, propagation results and sales by customer, date or variety
  • Provide Optimal Seeding Rate recommendations to growers for better results

How It Works: From Purchase to Planting in 3 Simple Steps

Confidence with convenience. That’s what growers can expect when their seed supplier provides an Optimal Seeding Rate recommendation using the ConnectIN System.

1Get A Custom Rate

When growers pick up their purchased seed, the seed supplier will run a sample of the seed through the ConnectIN System for analysis. Growers can receive their Optimal Seeding Rate recommendation via email and/or printout.

2Calibrate Equipment

For each variety a grower plants, they’ll need to set their equipment to plant at the recommended rate.

3Plant With Confidence

Growers can plant with confidence, knowing their seeding rate has been calculated and optimized.

Seed Suppliers, contact your WestBred representative to bring
the benefits of the ConnectIN System to your customers.

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